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Life Sport began in 1984 when Rudy Van Daele and the parents of the children he was coaching created a school based on creativity and mutual respect. Together they offered a way for children to continue to develop the resources that support them in taking care of themselves. 


For 40 years parents have introduced us to schools and community centers where we have set up our equipment, trained coaches, and created new locations for children to enjoy personal development through play.

Locations 1984 - Present

Rodeph Sholom School
7 West 83rd

Ethical Culture School
​​33 Central Park West

The Brearly School
510 East 83rd

The Calhoun School
​433 West End Avenue

West Park Church
​​165 West 86th


Studio School

117 W 95th St

Trinity School
​139 West 91st

Church of All Nations
​417 West 57th

The Roc
59 East 2nd street

Central Baptist Church
166 West 92nd ​​​

Screenshot 2018-03-30 08.57.28.jpg

Nord Anglia School
​44 East 2nd street

The Andrew Freedman Home
​1125 Grand Concourse

Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance
​2474 Westchester Avenue

P.S. 36.jpg

P.S. 36

1070 Castle Hill Ave, The Bronx

MCS 2W.jpg

Manhattan Country School

150 W 85th St

                               at Life Sport have experience with everything from

early childhood education through the coaching of Olympic champions.

If you know of a church, community center or other organization that would like to host a Life Sport program in your neighborhood fill out this form and a coach will promptly get back to you.

Thank You

1984 through 2023

Alexandra Aprenova

Greg Arden
Darrell Autor

Sarah Barab
Sean Benton
Sulaiman Burvick
Gabriel Cadet
Sylvia Cazacu
​Marium Kante
T Michael Dalton
Palmer Douglas
Brunella Falco  
Barbara Joe Fleming
Tony Flores
Kenn Goodman
Lily Goodman
Chris Harrison

Anthony Johnson
Soomi Kim
Gary Lai
Jason Luis
Leon Maitre
Maria Markisello
Mike Maddi
​William Maldonado
​Cynthia Ming
Ekow Nunoo
Andrew Pacho
Patricia Parker
Jody Patterson
Joselita Pereira Oliveira
Vitaly Ovsiannoikov
Kristie Phillips
Vladimir Reyson
Valentina Reyson
Barbara Rhind
Bruce Rivers
Rochelle Romano
Sarah Sheppard
Katie Smethurst
Thea Smethurst
Sara Jo Strickland
Telma Silva Gama
Michael Taitt
Soley Thorsteinsdottir 
Jonina Thorsteinsdottir
Vikingur Thorsteinsson
Toby Towson
Michael Vota
Andrea Weber
Robert Weber
Steve Wolf
Chris Van Daele
Rudy Van Daele
​Emily Venizelos 

Street Fairs


We support community events that raise funds for schools and neighborhoods: 


Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Columbus Avenue Festival

Calhoun School

Poe Festival

West Side Montessori

The Mandell Preschool

Columbia Grammer

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